Custom processing of import

Russian law implies wide range of measures to protect the interests of domestic producers, and this affects the requirements for customs clearance. In comparison with the regulators around the world, the requirements of the Russian Federation for the import of products into its territory are one of the most stringent. The key to the successful import is the careful preparation of the cargo under the guidance of a professional broker in order to foresee all the nuances and eliminate any mistakes.

Documents for customs clearance of imports
For customs clearance, any declarant is obliged to provide documents about the product and its origin: contract; transaction passport; invoice; packing list; document confirming ownership; certificate of origin of goods and bill of lading.

The procedure for registration of the import of goods:
  • Conclusion of a contract with a counterparty and coordination of the cargo shipment;
  • Submission of a customs declaration with an accompanying package of documents and registration as a participant in foreign economic activity;
  • Notification of the customs inspection on the arrival of the goods;
  • Checking the cargo for compliance with the declared data;
  • Payment of customs duties;
  • Release of goods for transportation across Russia.

Features of registration of imports by individuals and legal entities
If a legal company is obliged to declare all goods that it imports into Russia, then the requirements for individuals are different. So, for example, a passenger can carry "on himself" currency, it is necessary to declare it only if the amount exceeds $ 10,000. For each category of goods, the Customs Union sets the maximum consignment that an individual can carry across the border through the "green corridor".

Customs clearance of imports costs and terms
Preparation of documents before filing a customs declaration may differ in terms of time and cost. It generally depends on the nature of the cargo and the volume of shipment. The import clearance procedures at customs normally take about one day, but the FCS reserves the right to increase the time frame to 10 days. In exceptional cases, this period can be increased to several months.

By the letter of the law
Any cargo crossing the Russian border must be declared. Our experts will help you do it correctly and quickly.
Any destination
With Corvet Cargo Avia you can arrange import from any country around the world.
Your personal manager will clarify all the nuances and help to reflect the necessary information in order to avoid unnecessary delays at customs.
Time efficiency
Customs clearance of imports takes about a day. The control of each stage by a broker will help to avoid term increase.
Why the term of import’s customs clearance can be increased?
Inaccuracy of the documents may cause an increase of terms. When the customs inspector initiates additional checks on the cargo, the goods can be detained at the temporary storage warehouse for up to two months. If the situation is not cleared up during this time, the FCS can hold the cargo for another two months to give the declarant time to provide the necessary explanatory documents.
Is it possible to import goods into Russia without cargo marking?
No, it is not. According to the clause 15.12 COA Russian Federation declarant can be brought to administrative action for violating marking regulations. For officials it will cause obligatory payment of an administrative fine from 5 000 to 10 000 rub., and for corporations – from 50 000 to 100 000 rub.
In the absence of marking, the FCS has the right to confiscate the goods.
During of introduction of mandatory labeling, there were legislative exceptions. Currently, for certain categories, only labeled products are allowed to be imported.
Is it possible to indicate a zero price for the goods on the invoice?
No, gratuitous import of the delivery will require an indication of the actual price with the clarification that the value is declared “for customs purposes”.
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