Custom processing of export

Export of goods from Russia requires mandatory customs clearance. Export shipments are accompanied by a package of documents of origin, ownership and certification. Customs control checks the compliance of the data, accepts the customs fee and, based on the results of the procedure, gives permission to transport the consignment across the border.

Documents for customs clearance of export
Registration in accordance with the specification of the cargo may require the following documents:
  • Economic transaction contract;
  • Forex transaction report form for currency control in case the value exceeds $ 50,000;
  • An invoice from the exporter to the consignee with a full list of goods;
  • Customs declaration;
  • Additional documents if, in accordance with the Custom Commodity codes, supporting certificates, licenses or permits are needed.

The processing procedure of the export of goods
At the preparatory stage, your personal manager selects all the Custom Commodity codes, submits e-declaration and specifies what additional documents will be needed. Then the customs broker transfers it to the FCS and, as an official representative, answers all questions of customs control about the cargo declared for transportation. When the cargo arrives at the control terminal, all duties, fees and mandatory payments must be paid. Cargo checkup for the accordance to the data declared in the e-declaration is carried out under the control of the customs representative. In a favorable scenario, when all the documents are correct, and the goods correspond to the presented data, the clearance is completed and the cargo is allowed for export, after which it is necessary to ensure its delivery to the recipient.

Features of processing of various types of goods for export
Each cargo is unique. Depending on the degree of danger and complexity of the product, registration may require additional preparation. There are goods that require preliminary examination, for example, complex equipment, in which case the customs authorities need confirmation that there are no goods prohibited for export in the consignment. In addition, if the product has a trademark, the declarant must provide its registration. Also bulk cargo (such as grain, fertilizers, coal) is often drawn up in one declaration, its validity period is one year. This makes it possible to simplify the procedure for customs clearance of each individual consignment.

By the letter of the law
Any cargo crossing the Russian border must be declared. Our experts will help you do it correctly and quickly.
Any destination
With Corvet Cargo Avia you can arrange export cargo for shipment to any country around the world.
Your personal manager will clarify all the nuances and help to reflect all the information needed in order to avoid unnecessary delays at customs.
Time efficiency
Reconciliation of the submitted documents for export cargo at customs, as a rule, takes several hours.
In which of countries can be sent export to?
Corvet Cargo Avia can arrange сustoms processing anywhere in the world. To get more information about the service, period and specific features of the prosess you can call +7 (495) 981 50 40 or submit a request at
Is it possible for company to process export batch from Russia for the private person as a recipient without tying up a contract with one?
Yes, if a company is planning an occasional shipment with payment in cash, a contract is not required. It is important to remember that the recipient must be an individual with foreign citizenship and not be a resident of Russia.
How long does export customs processing take?
Preparatory stage of documents will depend on additional certificates and permissions for the registration of your consignment and can go on from several days to week and a half. Your personal manager will help to determine the exact time for the preparatory stage before work is started. By contrast with imports, the process of customs control and reconciliation of data, before cargo is released for export from Russia, it takes several hours within the Customs Union and the EAEU, and to distant countries.
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