Personal manager

When personal customs broker service is needed
Customs broker supports every step of the process on behalf of the client – professional support tracking of the import or export across the border, as well as client’s cargo shipment and storage.

Responsibilities of a personal manager
The customs manager represents company on the cargo registry, he is responsible for the correct classification of goods, logistics, collecting required package of documents, and the preliminary calculation of payments – duties, fees, excise taxes and VAT.

Responsibility of a personal customs agent
A customs agent, also known as a broker, has the right to work only after receiving a certificate of entry into the Register of Customs Representatives of Russia. The civil liability of the customs agent is determined by the insurance contract, applicable laws, as well as strict confidentiality - information from the client is not transferred to third parties. The data is disclosed only to customs specialists who process the goods at customs.

Customs representative service cost
The cost of the personal customs broker services depends on the terms fixed in the contract, the type of cargo, the number of items in the invoice and the number of Custom Commodity codes in the consignment.
An experienced customs broker knows what to look for in processing required documentation in order to avoid unnecessary fees and delays at customs.
The civil liability of the customs agent is determined by the insurance contract and applicable laws.
The personal manager takes over all communications with the customs service and becomes the official representative of the company during his work, so there is no need to get a specialized manager in-house.
The customs representative has no right to transfer information about the cargo to third parties, only to the specialists of the customs service.

Do I need to clarify Custom Commodity codes before applying for customs representative service? And how can this be done correctly?
You do not need to specify Custom Commodity codes on your own in order to contact a specialist. The commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity includes more than 2,500 thousand items, and it can be quite difficult to choose the one that suits your particular product. The customs representative has extensive experience and will be able to do it for you. It is essential to identify the correct product code from the start, because the further mechanism for customs clearance depends on it, as well as the cost of payment.
What to do if you have recently started or are just planning to engage in foreign economic activity?
If you decide to engage in foreign economic activity, regardless of the customs regime, you have to provide a package of statutory documents to the customs representative for transfer to the customs terminal, where you will process the cargo afterwards. The package of documents must include the charter of the company, certificates of its registration and tax registration. An individual will need a passport and a TIN document for registration, an individual entrepreneur will also need to present a certificate of registration as an entrepreneur.
How long does to checkup before registration take and what can be the reason for refusal in it?
An FCS inspector checks the presence or absence of grounds for refusing to register a customs declaration within two hours from the moment the document was submitted.
The grounds for refusal may be the filing of a declaration by an unauthorized person, lack of information or improper certification of the submitted papers. Refusal may also follow if cargo was proceeded incorrectly or some steps were missed. Refusal to register must be formalized by an official of the FCS with an indication of the reasons for the refusal.
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