Air freight

Corvet Cargo Avia will help you deliver your cargo by air all over the world fast and safe. 20 years of experience in logistics allows us to carry out transportation of any complexity on time. Air freight is one of the most popular mode of transportation, if delivery must be made as soon as possible, both in Russia and internationally.

Organization of international air freight
Our specialist will help you prepare the cargo for air transportation, calculate all the paperwork specifics and deliver your cargo on time.

Air freight cargo types
The spectrum of cargo for international transportation by air includes general, perishable, dangerous goods, live animals, as well as human remains.

Air freight costs and rates
Please, contact our manager with all the details to get an exact price, specialist will clarify all the details needed.

International air freight service performance time
The most suitable International air freight is calculated depending on point of origin of supplies and destination, the nature of the cargo and the route. Our manager will clarify potential delivery time upon request.
Air freight is a complex procedure. Please, contact our specialist via phone +7 (495) 981 50 40 or submit a request at Personal manager will prepare and organize your shipment. There is also express-delivery service.
International air freight is one of the most time efficient mode of cargo transportation abroad.
Easy and safe
If you ship a high-profile cargo and need to control its every move — air freight is the best choice.
Any destination
There are destinations, where no overland transport options are available, while ocean freight is much slower and more expensive.
Long-term transportation is difficult for animals, so international air freight is an often choice for their shipment.
How is the cost of air freight calculated?
First of all, determination of the exact cost of transportation by air is taking calculation of the volume of cargo and its volumetric weight. Then, according to the actual weight, the total cost is calculated according to the tariff per kilogram as well as the air waybill. Our specialist will also calculate the price of cargo transport from the point of departure to the airport, if necessary, this applies to both shipments around Russia and abroad. The final cost of the service depends on the direction of transportation, the nature of the cargo and the route.
In what directions is air freight carried out?
We deliver cargo all over the world, with the exception of airports in closed military facilities.
Customs clearance is obligatory for my cargo, what is required for this?
Corvet Cargo Avia is your reliable customs representative. Leave a request for a customs clearance service at, via phone +7 (495) 981 50 40 or contact your personal manager directly. Our specialist will select all the Customs Commodity codes and calculate the exact amount of customs charges. Then our customs broker will submit an electronic declaration and, together with the Customs Service official, will control the reconciliation of all documents during customs clearance before air transportation in accordance with Russian legislation.
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