Groupage freight

Transportation of groupage freight is similar to traveling on public transport. All passengers of the carriage pay only for their own ticket. In this case, the company does not pay the full cost of the freight transport ride, but only the amount based on the volume and weight of the cargo.

Advantages of groupage freight
This type of transportation allows the company to reduce transportation costs and speed up shipment, since there is no need to accumulate goods to form a large batch. Groupage cargo, as well as ordinary cargo, can be sent by road, air, sea and railroad transport.

Stages of groupage cargo dispatch
After order submission, your cargo is sent to the consolidation warehouse, where it undergoes required services (packaging / repackaging, labeling, scanning). Then a batch is formed for shipment. As a result, the groupage cargo is delivered to its destination, where your representative can receive it.
International freight also takes the customs clearance of all the cargo within the shipment.
A turnkey transportation service is also available, in which case the company representative provides the shipping address and recipient, so manager may arrange door-to-door transportation.

Groupage cargo costs and terms
The cost calculation includes paperwork, loading and unloading on site. Additionally, you can take out insurance for your cargo.
Compared to individual delivery, the transportation of groupage cargo is usually much more cost effective. Contact a Corvet Cargo Avia specialist at +7 (495) 981 50 40 or leave a request at Your personal manager will calculate the price, indicate the optimal delivery time and specify what needs to be considered before the shipment.
Cost effective
There is no need to pay the full price of transportation of the whole carry.
Personal service
A personal manager will help you choose the best way of shipment for your cargo, taking into account all its features and goals of the company.
There is no need to wait until a large batch is assembled for transportation to arrange profitable freight.
With proper preparation, you can send goods as part of groupage cargo on an ongoing basis and optimize logistics costs.
When a groupage freight is available?
Corvet Cargo Avia dispatches international groupage freight by air from Europe every two weeks. To clarify the possible terms for sending ones by sea, truck or railroad transport mode, please contact us at +7 (495) 981 50 40 or leave a request at
Why groupage freight may take longer than a regular one?
Groupage freight is beneficial because of the possibility of sharing the price with the other cargo owners. Collecting of all the parts for the carriage departure may take time, especially, when it comes to ‘rare’ routs. It is cargo consolidation that allows you to reduce the price of the service. The more popular the destination, the less likely there will be a delay. International groupage freight is usually solid. During the consultation, the specialist will inform you in advance about the delivery time.
In what cases is it better ship cargo as part of groupage freight?
If you are going to order the transportation of a small batch in a popular direction in advance, for example, to China or European countries, be sure to check with a specialist about the groupage freight options available.
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