Ocean freight

Ocean Freight is one of the most cost effective mode of transportation around the world. Despite the long period of transportation, this delivery mode will definitely suit a company that needs to ship oversized or heavy cargo from Russia. In addition, this is an opportunity to optimize the cost of delivery to countries with developed maritime infrastructure: USA, China, Canada, etc.

Types of international maritime shipping
Based on the cargo contents, a specialist will help you choose the appropriate type of international ocean shipment:
  • Ocean freight - if the company wants to rent the entire vessel with a crew for several voyages;
  • Container carriage - is especially beneficial for large deliveries, the larger the batch, the cheaper the shipping costs;
  • RORO (Roll On Roll Off) – involves ships with an inclined platform, which allows loading cargo “with wheels" on board;
  • Door-to-door transportation;
  • Dry Bulk - for bulk cargo like coal or fertilizers.

Ocean freight container types
There are three common types of containers for this shipment mode: 20- and 40-feet, as well as 40-feet High Cube. The latter are distinguished by a higher loading height and a high doorway.

International of groupage freight by sea
This mode of transportation also allows groupage freight. You can transport even a small consignment of goods, paying only the cost of its weight and volume. Corvet Cargo Avia organizes such transportation to any destination with access to the sea and harbor infrastructure. Popular destinations for transportation are the USA, China, Canada, and maritime European countries.

International ocean freight service performance costs and terms
The cost of services for ocean freight organization is always calculated individually in accordance with the cargo specification, its volume, customs clearance features, the need for additional loading / unloading, as well as delivery from the port of the country of destination. Our specialist will specify performance time depending on the shipping direction, generally delivery may take from 5 to 45 days. Please, contact us via zayavka@corvet-cargo.ru or +7 (495) 981 50 40, and a manager will clarify all the details.
Best way
Corvet Cargo Avia will help you out and find the most suitable ocean freight mode for your cargo.
Groupage freight
International ocean freight allows groupage shipments to reduce the cost of transporting small batches.
Containers range
Cargo transportation in 20- and 40-feet, as well as 40-feet High Cube.
Individualized approach
Ocean freight cost is always calculated individually depending on the special features of your cargo.
When ocean freight is the best choice?
Ocean freight is a choice for companies that willing to cut down expenses on the shipments, which are planned with time allowance in advance. Also it is one of the most suitable transportation mode for oversized cargo international shipment.
What ocean freight specifics should be acknowledged?
Ocean freight may be delayed. Safety precautions may take a change of the vessel route due to the weather conditions. In addition, note that shipping container by road and train is much more expensive, and a cost of delivery from a destination harbour must be also calculated in advance. It’s important also to know that shipment of a container is available only for the destinations with the harbor and infrastructure.
Do I need to take out an insurance on cargo in advance and how much could it cost?
International ocean freight is always insured by shipping company, that conveys the voyage. Insurance cost is included into the service fee.
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