Railroad freight

Railroad freight is and transportation mode which allows shipment of any commercial batch to remote parts of Russia along with air transportation, but much cheaper.

When railroad freight is the best choice
International railroad freight is one of the most convenient and cost effective transportation mode for cargo of any size and weight.

Pros and cons of the railroad freight
Its main advantage is the transportation of large, massive batches, as well as:
  • Independence from weather conditions;
  • High lifting capacity;
  • Low cost;
  • Significant distances;
  • Exact timetable.
Reasonable disadvantage of the railroad freight is that a train path is limited to the existing paved truck capacity. International railroad chain is quite large, and apart from geographical reasons some destinations are still out of reach for this transportation mode in general. In some cases, shipment will take an alternative transport solution.

Railroad freight organizational steps
The cargo undergoes preliminary preparation and is sent for loading to the railway station. During shipment trains for the cargo car may be change, it usually depends on shipment length and destination. At arrival company representative may pick up the delivery. Also Corvet Cargo Avia provide a "door-to-door" delivery service.

Railroad freight features
Railroad freight may as well be suitable for the transportation of the bulky and non-standard cargo, the weight and large dimensions of which make it impossible to transport by other modes of transport.

Railroad freight cost
The cost of transportation depends on the tariff rate for a given destination, the shipment distance, as well as the type and dimensions of the cargo. The price is supplemented by customs clearance, changing track gauge, as well as shipment within the country and abroad. Cargo delivery from the train stations to the exact address would be charged separately.

Cost effective
Railroad freight is one of the most reasonably prices transportation mode.
Carrying capacity
Unlike air and road transportation, railroad freight has less weight restrictions.
Any weather
Railway transportation is rarely influenced by weather conditions and the timing of all stages of transportation is more predictable.
No need to ship a huge batch at once, you can organize transportation as part of a groupage freight and optimize shipment cost.
To which countries cargo can be sent from Russia and what agreements are regulating railroad freight?
At the moment, regular railroad freight is carried out between Russia and Kazakhstan, Estonia, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Russia also trades with 14 Western countries. These shipments have to be supported by documentation in regards of regulations of Convention concerning International Carriage by Rail COTIF, which also regulates responsibility for damage or loss of goods and CIM. These documents were signed by 33 countries from Asia, Europe and North Africa. In addition, Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Turkey and a number of other countries have signed an agreement on international freight traffic (SMGS).
How justified and convenient is the use of railroad freight for transporting goods abroad, are there any nuances?
International railroad freight is the most convenient in terms of logistics, as well as cost, transportation mode of goods by far. Choosing one worth considering the peculiarities of each destination.
Planning shipment to Europe consider the difference in the size of the railway track. At the border it will be necessary to change the bogie of the train or reload the car, which is less time-consuming.
Asia and China, one of the most popular destinations today, do not have direct railroad freight. The cargo follows by sea transport to Vladivostok and from there it is sent by railroad to its destination.
Railroad freight with the CIS countries is well established. But it is worth considering the low density of railways with their considerable length. Therefore, the delivery of goods requires a combination with other modes of transportation.
Is it possible to send a small shipment, which does not need a whole car for transportation?
  • You may ship small cargo within groupage freight by railroad in Russia and abroad.
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