The main advantages of road transport in Russia and abroad apart from convenience are affordable prices. Unlike other modes of transportation, the carrier can fully adapt to the circumstances of the customer.

Stages of international trucking
To transport goods abroad, you will need to prepare a package of documents for customs clearance. In addition to the mandatory procedure at the border, the main stages of international road transport are carried out in a standard manner: loading, transportation, unloading.

Features of trucking depending on the type of cargo
Depending on the size and specification of the cargo its transportation may be conveyed via trucks, low-tonnage vehicles (for example, " GAZelles") and low-loaders.

International trucking costs and terms
The calculation of the cost and delivery time is made based on the address of departure and destination, the mode of transport (regular or express) and loading (top, side, rear), as well as the weight, volume and parameters of the cargo.
Contact a Corvet Cargo Avia specialist at +7 (495) 981 50 40 or leave a request at Your personal manager will calculate the exact cost of services, help you place an order, and also clarify possible options for sending a batch as part of a groupage cargo.

In what cases is only trucking of goods applicable for transportation?
Such restrictions apply to transportation of the following goods:
  • Banknotes of the Russian Federation and currency;
  • Securities and postage stamps;
  • Strong substances, including narcotic agents;
  • Explosive and flammable substances;
  • Corrosive gases.
In some cases, these cargoes can also be transported by sea.
Transportation by road allows you to adapt the route as much as possible, taking into account the specifics of the logistics task.
Corvet Cargo Avia can always arrange turnkey transportation.
Road transportation is one of the most budgetary types of transportation.
A personal manager will help to foresee all the nuances of the transportation of your particular cargo.
What guarantees of cargo safe shipping can be provided?
We are fully responsible for the safety of your company's cargo from the moment of signing the contract until the transfer of the cargo for shipment. These obligations are always fixed in the transport contract.
Corvet Cargo Avia has been on the market for more than 20 years and works only with professionals who have proven themselves by long-term cooperation and quality of services.

All our partners-logisticians have their own vehicle fleet equipped with climatic equipment, security systems, reliable fasteners, and, which is quite important, flexible democratic prices. Experienced vehicle drivers, freight forwarders and riggers with professional loading equipment are involved in the work.

We value your trust.
What documents should the carrier provide to the recipient by the end of the shipment?
Based on the results of the delivery, the receiving party shall be provided with a full package of documents:
  • Consignment notes;
  • Waybill;
  • Supporting documentation;
  • Certificate of completion.

The individual specification of documents for transfer in accordance with the specifics of the cargo and the requirements of the customer company is fixed in the transport contract.
What to do if a mistake has been made, but the shipment is already departed?
Contact your personal manager immediately and describe the problem. The specialist will instruct you on further actions, clarify whether the error will affect the final price of cargo shipment and whether additional documents will be required.
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