Air freight

Corvet Cargo Avia will help you deliver your cargo by air all over the world fast and safe. 20 years of experience in logistics allows us to carry out transportation of any complexity on time. Air freight is one of the most popular mode of transportation, if delivery must be made as soon as possible, both in Russia and internationally.

Organization of air freight around Russia
Number of destinations includes 143 cities of Russia. Service fee covers consulting on optimal route, appropriate making up load, its supporting documents and air freight.

Air freight cargo types for shipment in Russia
This list includes a wide range of goods – from perishable to consumer goods, including medicines and medical supplies, as well as dangerous goods.

Air freight prices and rates
Our specialist will calculate the exact cost of airfreight for your cargo. Please, contact our manager with all the details to get an exact price, specialist will clarify all the details needed.
Air freight is one of the most time efficient mode of cargo transportation abroad.
Long-term transportation is difficult for animals, so air freight is an often choice for their shipment.
Any destination
There is a number of destinations in Russia, where air freight is the only shipment choice.
Easy and safe
Many companies transport fragile and perishable goods by air in order to eliminate any force majeure and to get the cargo safe and sound.
What are the terms of rendering services for the carriage of goods in Russia?
Optimal terms of all-freight service depend on departure and arrival cities. Our experts can give you more detail about terms of air freight on-request. Air freight inside the country is a comfortable and complex solution. Make a request at or via phone +7 (495) 981 50 40, our experts will answer the questions and arrange a transport for your cargo.
What’s covered by the air freight cost around Russia? How to calculate term of transportation?
The price of air freight includes the cost of estimated weight of cargo per kilo in-line with tariff, cost per terminal cargo handling in airport and drawing up of a waybill.
Overall cost depends on direction, nature of cargo and the route.
Terms of air freight is fixed by contract within the law. Cargo receival is possible in 3-6 hours after the plane lands at the airport of destination.
How to prepare a cargo for air freight?
List of cargos for aviatransportation by Corvette Cargo Avia
  • Food;
  • Perishable goods;
  • Dangerous goods;
  • Agricultural products;
  • Exotic animals;
  • Products of marine origin;
  • Medications;
  • Medical supplies (incl. organs to donation).

Package of documents for transportation by air depend on characteristic of cargo and can be different. Your personal manager help you elaborate an air freight plan.
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