Railroad freight

Railroad freight is the most popular way of transportation of goods due to its optimal cost, efficiency of any distance for any carrying capacity without distinction of weather conditions in Russia. At the same time, there is a "disadvantage" - a strict adherence to the route system, which can also bring a number of advantages for transportation.

Stages of railroad transportation includes:
  • Processing of transport documents;
  • Cargo handling;
  • Load fastening;
  • Processing of transportation permits;
  • Legal service and cargo escorting;
Control of movement from the beginning of loading to unloading at the end of the route.

Railroad freight features
One of the features of railway transport is the ability to transport bulky and non-standard cargo, which load or dimensions do not fit into any other mode of transport.

Cost of Railroad freight across Russia
The cost of transportation depends on the tariff rate for a given destination, the shipment distance, as well as the type and dimensions of the cargo.
Cost effective
Railroad freight is one of the most reasonably prices transportation mode.
Carrying capacity
Unlike air and road transportation, railroad freight has less weight restrictions.
Any weather
Railway transportation is rarely influenced by weather conditions and the timing of all stages of transportation is more predictable.
No need to ship a huge batch at once, you can organize transportation as part of a groupage freight and optimize shipment cost.
Why is it worth using the railway transportation service?
Railroad freight is one of the most common mode of transportation of container freight between western and eastern parts of Russia. Moreover, delivery of cargo by railway system to the Far East region or to the Far North is unique possibility for safety and profitable transportation. A container can be controlled by sealing. Also, that's very important to remember cargo that takes a few trucks may be shipped by one rail container.
Is repacking necessary for railroad freight across Russia?
Important part of planned railroad freight is a safe packing of cargo. Specifics of shipment, weather conditions or other risk factors for cargo should be considered as general criteria for packaging. It also has to protect cargo for the time of loading, package mode should not complicate the loading process. Moreover, it should ensure strong protection against illegal access to material values. Your personal manager will help you find the best solution.
What kind of documents should be provided for arrangement of railroad freight across Russia?
First of all, you need a consignment inventory, which contains all information about the product, conditions and transport route. Shipping detailed elaboration would be based on provided data. Cargo has to be supported by freight bill, which contains terms and stations of transfer's load, receipts and invoice details. In addition, company has to have a waybill with information about all goods placed in the car and accompanying documents is required. It also records the sealing during transportation in covered containers.
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