One-time transportation or regular trucking across Russia - our specialists will help your company solve a logistic problem of any complexity.

Steps of trucking across Russia
First of all, it is necessary to determine the volume, mass and characteristics of the cargo. With this information, a specialist will help you choose the optimal vehicle, specify suitable kind of packaging and also additional documents if these are needed to allow trucking across Russia. At this point team may proceed with your cargo shipment.

When ready, our team will arrange delivery of the cargo to the point of departure, or a specialist will provide the door-to-door transportation service if needed. At the destination point company representative with a power of attorney can receive your cargo.

Cost of trucking across Russia
The price of transportation is formed on the basis of several factors:
  • Weight and volume of cargo;
  • Destination;
  • Registration of accompanying documents.

Saving in the cost of transportation can be achieved by choosing the option of transportation by passing transport as part of a groupage freight.

Freight across Russia may also be performed with additional services upon a request: cargo escort, insurance, extra security, etc.

Transportation by road allows you to adapt the route as much as possible, taking into account the specifics of the logistics task.
Corvet Cargo Avia can always arrange turnkey transportation.
Road transportation is one of the most budgetary type of transportation.
A personal manager will help to foresee all the nuances of the transportation of your cargo.
What are the regulations for the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo?
In Russia, off- and over-sized transportation is regulated by the "Instruction for the transportation of bulky and heavy cargo" of the Ministry of Transport dated 05/27/1996 (modifications from 07/24/2012). Also, there are the requirements of federal laws
"On Motorroads and Road Activities in the Russian Federation" and the "Charter of motor transport and city ground-based electric transport ", traffic rules and COA of Russian Federation.
Is it possible to book an express delivery of cargo across Russia?
Corvet Cargo Avia provides an express delivery service in Russia. For calculation of the cost and order cargo shipment in Russia, you can send a request to an via mail or call +7 (495) 981 50 40.
Can you ship cargo with special transportation requirements?
Yes. If it’s a case of fragile cargo, equipment that cannot be turned over or does not allow placement of other packages over, appropriate marking will be required for transportation. However, road transportation of dangerous goods in Russia may require additional preparation. All available information must be reported to the personal manager. If it is required additional precautions for the cargo - the expert will clarify this data.
The requirements for the road transportation depend on the destination and can be different.
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